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Search VA Condo's, Condominiums and Townhouses for sale in Williamsburg, Newport News VA, Hampton VA and Norfolk VA.  See photo's of real estate listings and get detailed home descriptions. For additional information on communities with condominium or townhomes for sale.

Not sure of the difference between condominium ownership and townhome ownership?  The truth is difference is not so obvious because the physical structures are very similar depending on the geographic location.  The main difference is in the ownership. 

Condo's and Townhouse are owned differently.  In a condominium development you as the homeowner own the interior of the home, however the exterior and grounds are owned and maintained by the condominium association.  Condo's can be single or multi levels but are typically single level apartment style dwellings.  In a townhome community you own the land the home is built-on as well as the interior and exterior of the property. In many cases their is still an HOA fee that is paid for monthly, quarterly or annually which accounts for grounds maintenance, trash pick-up and snow removal, landscape etc.